Members CV / Research History, etc, here.

Mr. Michael McMahon, M.A., BSc.


  • Currently completing PHd at NUI Galway in Application of Multimedia Learning Theory for Math Education in Ireland.
  • M.A. in Digital Media ( 3D Animation) & Education at University of Limerick, 2010
  • BSc Computer Science, University of Ulster, 1993

Work Experience

  • 1997 – Present: Lecturer in Computing, Dept Computing,  Maths Physics, WIT.
  •  2004-2006: SEEPP Graduate. Set up company (eCoolcom Ltd) to  focuses on development of 3D and Mobile multimedia products for Equine & Sports industry.

Research and Publications

  • Adopting a musical intelligence and e-Learning approach to improve the English language pronunciation of Chinese students. (Luqi Wu, Michael McMahon, 2013)
  • ICELW Conference, Columbia University, New York 2011. “Multimedia Learning, the iPod And Physical Education”, M.McMahon.
  • ISEA Conference Vienna 2010. “iPod And 3D Applications for Learning”, M.McMahon and J.Collins 2009.
  • 2009: Enterprise Ireland IVoucher Programme: 3D Basketball Mobile Coaching Apps.
  • 2008: Enterprise Ireland IVoucher Programme: 3D Coach GAA. Adobe Director MX.
  • 2007: Enterprise Ireland IVoucher Programme: Mobile Apps for Golf Scoring And Broadcasting.

Projects  developed and released to date include:

1. ONTRACK Equine clinical analysis software which now has unique market share in US, UK and Middle East regions. Users can view and download demos at company website: (


Attended the Dubai Classic Equine Exhibition in 2007. Ontrack purchased by Godolphin Racing owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa al Maktoum.

Dubai Classic Exhibition 2007

Dubai Classic Exhibition 2007 with Enterprise Ireland Reps

2. 3DCoach. Developed the first 3D Coaching software application for Irish company GaelicPerformance . Successfully launched in 2008. Demo version of the software is available at the company website: (


3. Integrated Mobile and Web Results Service.

Developed for generic sports organisations with specific Results and Reporting requirements. The system can be downloaded free for your mobile at:

4. Other Mobile Device Applications


Completed Mobile Application Projects 2008

Mr David Drohan, BSc, MSc

  • Lecturer in Computing, Dept Computing Maths & Physics, WIT
  • Currently Programme Leader of B.Sc (Hons) in Commercial Software Development


  • J2SE/J2EE/J2ME Development
  • Web Development
  • MFC Development
  • Distributed Object Computing/Programming
  • Computer Programming Pedagogy



Mr. Aubrey Storey

  • Lecturer in Sports & Rec Man WIT – More to follow

Mr. Richard Bolger

  • Lecturer in Sports & Rec Man WIT –  More to follow

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