WIT/Wexford GAA 3D & Mobile Stats 08-09

New in January 2009 is a prototype trial of a new mobile-based Match Analysis application developed in WIT through Enterprise Ireland funded research. The system is being trialed with the 2009 Wexford Senior County Hurling Squad. Thanks to Colm Bonnar and his management team for assistance with project concept and development.

Sports Stats Mobile Screen Shots

Sports Stats Mobile Screen Shots

3DCoach 2008

3DCoach 2008

The Management team will also make use of the 3D Coach application designed and developed in WIT. KRG wishes Colm and Team the best of luck  for 2009.

X-Factor: WIT 3D Golf Swing Analysis

As part of Industry-Led (SEEPP 2006)  research project to analyse and measure golf swing kinematic data for PGA professional Mr. Peter Lawrie. Project used 50Mhz digital video capture and SIMI Motion capture System.  Project gathered data on subjects X-Factor (ie. swing data, Shoulder and Hip Rotation ratio). Project completed during coaching sessions in La Manga, Spain in association with SportsHorizon UK.

Front View                                  Side View

3D Swing analysis can be viewed as follows:

3D Golf Swing

3D Golf Swing

WIT 3D Motion Capture for Sport and Computer Gaming

Project carried out using 3D Motion Capture Software, SIMI,  (in conjunction with SportsHorizon UK), High Speed Video Capture and Poser Software. Project had two aims. Capture data for kinematic analysis of sports skills and generation of BVH motion capture raw data files for use in  Computer Gaming and Animation. 3D  Motion Capture is component of Final Year 3D Modelling BSc Multimedia

SIMI 3D Motion Capture Software

SIMI 3D Motion Capture Software

Resulting 3D Objects can be viewed and analysed here:

Gaelic Football

Hurling Catch

Other sport kinematic  data can be analysed here:

Pole Vault


Long Jump


WIT Mobile Devices & Digital Media for Golf Industry

Work on 2nd Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher project continues. The project will integrate digital video with mobile phone services for the Corporate Golf Services industry. Created a video podcast  for industry partner to outline the services the technology would provide. See the link below. Thanks to Niall King for help in putting this movie together. If you wish to get involved in this project contact mmcmahon@wit.ie

Welcome to KRG Blog

krgThe Kinematics Research Group has been set up for following purposes/objectives:

  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning computer science in sport.
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.
  • Bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners.
  • Gather and disseminating information, scientific knowledge and materials on computer science in sport.
  • Counselling other organisations in questions of computer science in sport.
  • Representation of computer science in sport in other scientific associations.

The KRG was set up as a result of experience in the field.

Projects  developed and completed by Members to date include:

1. ONTRACK Equine clinical analysis software which now has unique market share in US, UK and Middle East regions. Users can view and download demos at company website: (www.ontrackequine.com)


2. 3DCoach. Developed the first 3D Coaching software application for Irish company GaelicPerformance . Successfully launched in 2008. Demo version of the software is available at the company website: (www.gaelicPerformance.com)


3. Integrated Mobile and Web Results Service.

Developed for generic sports organisations with specific Results and Reporting requirements. The system can be downloaded free for your mobile at: www.emcsports.com/mobile/club_database/temp.php

4. Other Mobile Device Applications


Completed Mobile Application Projects 2008

It is open to all with an interest in Computer Science and Sports. View the Research Page for info on current projects. If you want to contact the group or just make an enquiry then contact me at: