1 year HDip in Animation Production Management.



The HDip aims to address the needs of the Digital Animation industry in Ireland for qualified project management graduates in an increasingly convergent marketplace. Project Managers are integral to the Animation Production process. The role of the Production Manager is to manage and control all aspects of a Digital Animation feature production. Producers work with all stakeholders in the production pipeline, encompassing Creative, Scheduling and Business areas. The course is structured around the established workflow phases of a typical animated feature. The course has been designed following extensive dialog with relevant industry enterprise partners (eg Cartoon Saloon, Brown Bag Films, GOBI Studios). As a result, the course clearly targets immediate and identified needs of the Animation Industry

Course Structure


The course will enable students to develop skills in Digital Animation Production by focusing on Practice, Theory and Professionalism and the ‘critical dialogue’ between them. It is aimed at individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in production management for the animation industry or for production managers looking to consolidate their knowledge and qualifications in relevant management practices and disciplines..

The philosophy of the HDip in Animation Production is to blend the creative (observation, artistic conception and an understanding of the traditional principles of animation) and the technical (Animation and Post Production Tools) with relevant management and strategic planning skills specific to the Digital Animation Industry. The course team will be regularly augmented by associated tutors and specialists from industry.

Graduates can anticipate careers in Creative Media Industry where Design, Project Management and Team Leader roles in the growing Digital Animation industry both in Ireland and worldwide are required. Outsourcing and consultancy roles are other alternative career options.

Modules will include:
– Film Analysis
– Project Management
– Animation Pipeline Technologies
– 3D Modelling Practice
– Management
– 3D Animation Practice
– Post Production Processing
– Transmedia and Convergence



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