METrainingLog (METL) : A J2ME/Online Athletes Training Log

WIT KRG are in early development stages of new Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher project with Irish company TocaSport Ltd.

The primary aim of this project is to investigate the development of a set of integrated web and mobile based tools to allow athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to easily and quickly track their training, monitor their progress, and build a history of their training. It should allow all levels of athletes and users to get the most from their training and

Users will upload training performance sessions (Times, Dates, Locations, Reps, Recoverys etc) direct from their mobile device to a central web server. They may then either review their performance data online or via mobile at any location, even during training and racing.

As a secondary requirement the project will also investigate the feasibility of the integration of the following add-on services:

  • Server Side dynamic graphs for performance analysis.
  • Potential for uploading data from Bluetooth or Infrared external devices such as Polar and Garmin Heart Rate Monitors, PowerTap, SRM and Ergomo Power systems.


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